WATCH: Security Guard Patiently Endures Drunken Woman’s Assaults / Racist Insults

Another video has surfaced showing a “liberated” modern woman physically assaulting a man. The man, as so many of these videos prove, is essentially forced to tolerate the abuse because, in the west, “real men let women beat the shit out of them”. (scroll down for video)

The assault took place in Sydney Australia, arguably the feminist capital of the world (neck-to-neck with Canada). The male security guard lets the woman slap him at least 10 times, as well as endures a barrage of racial slurs. Since even the very notion of men hitting women in self-defense is considerate taboo and politically incorrect, it’s safe to say he resisted punching the bitch in the chin for fear of feminist-enabling white knights coming out of the woodwork to save her.

Back in March 2015, I created a viral video that showed men defending themselves against violent women, and YouTube promptly deleted it, saying it was “hate speech”. Facebook eventually joined the censorship bandwagon and deleted it, too, but you can still watch the censored video here.

Watch the Video of the security guard being assaulted below:



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