Racist Black YouTuber Admits: “I F*ckin Hate White People and Their Kids!”

In just one of a seemingly infinite stream of proof that some black Americans are bigger racists than the KKK, a black YouTuber with over 45,000 subscribers released a video titled “Dear White People, Why I Hate White People”. (scroll down for video)

In his video, the emotional and frustrated black man elaborates on his hatred for white people, leaving one to wonder: if this is what he’s willing to admit publicly, imagine what he thinks of white people in the privacy of his own head? Fantasies about killing them? Well, he wouldn’t be the first black racist murderous terrorist.

Of course, the cherry on top of this racist black man’s racist rant is the tiny caveat he offers at the end in a pathetically weak and telling attempt to absolve himself of all personal responsibility over his vile, hateful words.

He says, “If you’re white, and you get offended by this, I don’t give a fuck. You know what I’m sayin’, because as a black man living in this fuckin’ racist ass country, we got the rights to speak however we want.”

LOL! It’s funny, because if America is indeed a white supremacist nation that mistreats black folks all the time, with its “institutional racism”, wouldn’t it be impossible for you to get away with your anti-white insults and borderline threats? The very fact that you think you can spew such hate towards white people with zero sense of worry or fear of retaliation is proof that white people haven’t done, and ain’t going to do shit to you.

Watch this racist black man’s rant below:



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