Popular YouTuber Breaks Down, Admits He Was Victim of Abuse: “Men Get Hit Too!”

A popular YouTuber by the name of Matt Santoro posted on his vlog channel yesterday admitting to being a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of his ex-girlfriend. (scroll down for video)

“People generally only talk about females getting beaten, but men get hit too! Abuse knows no gender.”

The sobering words came between gasps and sobs as Matt burst into tears, claiming that his ex-girlfriend Nicole Arbour (yes, that popular female YouTuber infamous for her “Dear Fat People” video) smacked him in the face once during a breakup.

Of course, the most obvious and interesting aspect of his video is the fact that he is male, given the fact that even the very notion that men are victims of violent women is deemed unusual or unlikely. This was certainly exhibited back in March 2015 when I released a viral video showing men defending themselves against violent women, and the video was deleted by YouTube as “hate speech”. You can watch the deleted/censored video here.

wp - youtube cry

Generally, men are socially expected to “man up” in the face of any adversity, and as much as that may be cruel, the truth is that it’s the cost of masculinity. Masculinity, being perceived as strength and independence, implies that a man need not be a victim in life, or that if he is victimized, that he doesn’t have to cry over it and let it control his fate. I am absolutely repulsed by any and all victim-mentalities, and although I pity all victims of domestic abuse (irrespective of gender), I’m also careful not to pity professional victimhood.

There seems to be something a bit contrived about Matt’s video, specifically his crying which, to me, seems a bit forced and maybe somewhat faked, but I’ll let you decide:

Watch the Video For Yourself:



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