New Gmail App Auto-Corrects Women’s Emails to Make Them Sound More Assertive/Unapologetic

Everyone should be as confident about their capacities as possible—we can all agree that’s a good thing. But what happens when a deceptive modern feminist movement convinces women that they’re victims of a non-existent patriarchy? Well, every shortcoming is perceived as the fault of men, rather than the fault of the woman who simply isn’t objectively capable enough for the job.

Well, worry no more, modern empowered women! The new “Just Not Sorry” Gmail app will auto-correct a polite, timid woman’s email into an aggressive, unrealistically confident, socially uncalibrated, and basically obnoxious note to a current boss or future employer.

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Sorry to ask, but do you think your emails might be just a bit, um, disempowered? That’s a sentence that wouldn’t get past Just Not Sorry, a new plug-in for Gmail which highlights every single apology, hesitating “maybe” or circumlocutory “actually” sent from your outbox. Acting like a spellcheck for sorries, the app was designed to help women who are prone to using “soft” language at work and thereby sending emails which are about as effective as putting on a baby voice when asking for a pay rise.

Unsurprisingly, the programmer of the app was inspired by victim-peddling feminist-comedian Amy Schumer and one of her sketches where female scientists apologize themselves to death (eluding to this idea that women are unjustly timid in the workplace—not because men are more dominant and productive in some fields, but because the evil patriarchy oppresses women for no reason).



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