DISGUSTING: Leader of #BlackLivesMatter Puts Stephen Colbert on Trial for His White Privilege

Absolutely disgusting. Words cannot describe how appalled I am right now after watching a video showing the white host of “The Late Show” Stephen Colbert being grilled for his “white privilege” by a prominent leader of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. (scroll down for video)

Today’s black supremacist in question is DeRay Mckesson, a verified racist as evidenced by this tweet:

Of course,that’s only scratching the surface. DeRay’s pro-black racism is proven by a long history of defending proven violent criminal thugs like Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin, as well as attempting to justify the looting and rioting in Boston last year over the death of Freddie Gray.

But DeRay’s blatant, black supremacist, racist agenda was revealed in full clarity last night when this racist piece of shit appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. On a video uploaded to YouTube titled “DeRay Mckesson Helps Stephen Address His Privilege”, a mock-trial took place where a innocent, well-meaning white man was forced to feel guilty and apologize for his “white privilege”.

Watch the entire sickening video below:



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