Caught on Camera: Guy Records Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Violent Rampage

It seems everyday now, a new video surfaces proving my point: that hitting women in self-defense needs to become normalized in the West. While defending yourself against a violent woman (if you’re a man) is deemed taboo, women seem to think they can get away with murder because this taboo exists. In reality the only taboo subjects are those that are deeply personal, such as certain sexual acts, to some declaring you visit sites like fulltube would be taboo. (scroll down for video)

A video posted to Facebook on January 11, 2016 shows a man recording his ex-girlfriend as she violently keys, smashes, shatters, and crashes into his car. Moments later, she breaks one of the windows in the man’s home. The “cherry on top” of this video is when she pummels her vehicle into the man’s, nearly crashing into him and crushing him to death.

And so, as the handful of crazy violent bitches capitalize on the social norm “men shouldn’t hit women”, countless cases like these continue to arise, where women are absolved of all personal responsibility while society claims they’re equal to men.

wp - violent ex 2

Ex-Girlfriend from the video, wielding a weapon

In March 2015, I released a viral video depicting men defending themselves against violent women, but it was quickly deleted by YouTube as “hate speech”. Facebook eventually deleted my videos, as well, but you can still watch the censored video here.

Watch the Video of the Ex-Girlfriend’s Rampage:



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