Woman Wrongfully Accuses Man After Dreaming He Raped Her: Released From Prison After 28 Years

By this point, we’ve all heard about false rape allegations. But now, feast your mind upon this one: the false rape-fantasy allegation. As if essentially zero evidence for your claims wasn’t bad enough, now it seems some alleged victims can just make the evidence up in their minds!

As reported by the Daily Mail, Clarence Moses-El was convicted back in 1988, sentenced to 48 years for allegedly raping and assaulting a woman after she returned home from a night of drinking.

The day after the alleged rape, the “victim” told police the identity of her rapist after the image of his face came to her in a dream.


However, 28 years later, a different man came forward and said he could not believe that Clarence raped her, since he had had sex with the woman the same night Clarence was accused of the rape.

The man who came forward, L.C. Jackson, did not admit to raping her, but said that while having sex he became angry and hit her in the face. According to the woman’s recollection of that night, she had simply returned home from a night of drinking and, as she lay down for bed, a man appeared, putting his hands around her neck and then raping her.

What the actuality of the night was, no one knows. But what we do know is that the drunken woman’s claims/accusations/recollections were horribly inaccurate and unreliable. Her “recollection” of the alleged “rape” came to her in a dream, and now appears to be little more than some bizarre fantasy concocted in her mind.

All of this brings into question the reliability of alleged rape victims. Although rape obviously does happen (even I was technically “raped” by a woman once, at least by feminist standards), there are too many drunken, narcissistic whores who have no sense of the ramifications of their accusations, and will go around falsely accusing men of rape for attention or other sick reasons, as was the case with the UVA rape hoax.



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