White Guy Plays Knockout Game on Black Guy To Expose Double-Standard: “Will THIS Be Nationally Televised?”

In a retarded though potentially insightful violent crime, a white man recorded himself knocking out a black man—apparently as revenge for what is typically known as a mostly-black pastime called the “knockout game”. (scroll down for video)

If you didn’t know, the “knockout game” involves going up to an unsuspecting stranger and punching him/her once in the face. You “win” the game if you manage to knock the person out in that one punch.

The demented game was popularized as more and more videos surfaced showing what are mostly youths playing it. However, another undeniable feature was that most of these youths…were black youths. And in most of the cases, the victims were white.

Speculations about whether or not the game could be categorized as black-on-white hate crimes were warranted. However, since in America it is presumed that black people can’t be racist, the mainstream media has been careful to evade this possibility.

And this, apparently, seems to be the motive of the white man in this disturbing new video. As he puts it, moments before attacking:

The plan is to see if I were to hit a black person would this be nationally televised?

A few seconds later, he steps out of his car, and punches a black man in the face, knocking him to the ground. The victim appears to be about 50-years-old.

And, much to the predictive skills of the white man in this video, his crime has gotten substantial and immediate national attention, since apparently the media loves nothing more than proof of evil racist white people who attack blacks unprovoked.

Now, although it is clear that this guy is stupid for attempting to make a racial point by engaging in the same barbarism as the mostly-black youths who play and popularized the “knockout game”, there is a point to be made about double-standards in how the media reports race relations.

Just go on YouTube right now and type in “knockout game”. The vast majority of the videos will show black youths playing it. Even more disturbing is that most of the victims are white. I don’t think this is a coincidence, and my gut tells me most of these are racial hate crimes by black people against white people.

So, why all the immediate and sudden viral attention to this white guy playing the knockout game, when the game has been played by blacks against white for years now?

The white guy’s video is already on the front page of World Star Hip Hop, and all over mainstream news, with headlines like, “Knockout attack video released in hate crime conviction” and “Disgusting Hate Crime: Man Knocks Out Elderly Man Because He Is Black”.

Most interestingly, of course, is the fact that the white guy apparently recorded the assault specifically to test if the national media would freak out about it and, well, the media has freaked out—and within just a few hours of the video’s released, it may have gotten more news coverage than all knockout game incidents involving black perpetrators over the past few years combined.

I believe racial hostilities are generated and perpetuated by people who are obsessed with race (duh). However, those who tend to become most fixated with race (be it black supremacists or white supremacists), often end up perpetuating the problem by letting grudges get the best of them.

In other words, two wrongs don’t make a right. Stooping down to the level of the black barbarians who popularized the knockout game does not effectively prove a point. It might prove a point on Twitter and social media, but effectively, it’s only shown you as capable of the same viciousness you’re accusing your enemy of.

Is there a double-standard in the mainstream media’s reporting of racial hate crimes? 100% no doubt, and the bias is clearly in favor of blacks. We’re living in the coming age of #BlackPrivilege: The Freedom to Be Racist and Get Away With It:



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