Police Department Ends Fitness Tests After Female Cops Fail & Sue for Gender Discrimination

In a disturbing display of reverse-sexism (women discriminating against men), a dozen female police officers from the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) are suing after they failed to pass a physical fitness test.

Here’s the gist of the case:

Whether you’re a 50-year-old female or 21-year-old male, every officer is expected to perform the same physical tasks in the same amount of time regardless of age and gender.

Scoring points are counted equally and every officer must score a minimum of 20 points in order to successfully pass the test.

The fitness exam includes four components:



-Agility run

-Beep Test

38-percent of female officers over the age of 40 failed the test and say they were told to “shape up” in six months and pass, or face termination.

All of them agree there should be fitness requirements, but argue the testing process puts them at a disadvantage and sets them up to be fired.

However, their claims of “gender discrimination” are ridiculously ironic, given the fact that they are the only ones engaging in any kind of discrimination.

Basically, the CSPD’s physical abilities test (“PAT”) is already gender-blind, and age-blind. It does not take into account any considerations over a person’s gender. Instead, all it requires is a person’s ability to effectively perform the job. It doesn’t matter whether you’re white, black, handicapped, mentally stunted, or even if you’re male or female: ALL THAT MATTERS IS: CAN YOU PASS THE TEST.

There couldn’t possibly be a test more in favor of “gender equality” then the PAT that these female officers were required to pass.

However, ironically the only people engaging in discrimination are the female officers suing the city. Here’s why:

  1. They want a special test specifically designed for women. 
    1. In fact, even the attorney for the 12 officers, Donna Dell’Ollio (a female), said that the PAT should be “normed by age or gender“. This means the standards of the physical fitness test should be lower if you’re a woman, or old.
  2. They want to make it harder for men to pass the PAT than women.
    1. If the physical abilities test (PAT) is “normed by age or gender” as the female officers’ attorney prefers, that would mean men would have to pass a more difficult test than women.
    2. To “norm” a test by gender or age means to calibrate the requirements of the test to meet the limitations of said gender or age.

So here’s the truth: if these women win the lawsuit against the city, and the Colorado Springs Police Department begins implementing tests that are “normed by age or gender”, then the only form of “discrimination” would be against male police officers (and young ones).

In other words, it would be easier to get a job at CSPD if you’re a woman, than if you’re a man.

So tell me: who’re the true victims here? And who is truly being discriminated against?

Unfortunately, the CSPD has somewhat given in to the demands of these sexist women, and has cancelled all physical fitness tests for their officers for the year.

Luckily, the chief of police, Pete Carey, is standing firm in his conviction that the current PAT (which is gender-blind and age-blind) is the ideal way to ensure officers are sufficiently physically fit for the job:

I very firmly stand behind physical fitness tests for our officers. I think what I’m asking them to do is fair and my hope is a federal judge also agrees with this.

The CSPD plans to fight the case as it makes its way to federal courts in the coming months.



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