Holly Holm Answers the Essential Question: “Can You Beat Men in the UFC?”

Holly Holm just proved why I think she is a far more superior fighter and overall person than Ronda Rousey. (scroll down for video)

Today, she was interviewed on ESPN First Take, and sports commentator Stephen A. Smith asked, “We’ve heard so much stuff about…Ronda Rousey and whether she fight him or somebody else. You’re not one of those ladies that aspires to get into the Octagon with a man, are you?”

Watch the Video Below to Hear Her Response (starts at 8:37):

This question is the ultimate litmus test determining whether a female fighter is authentic and genuine about her potential in comparison to her male counter-parts.

Historically, Ronda Rousey has responded to this question multiples times in almost the exact same way:

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Holly Holm’s response is great because it’s nuanced. Although she says some female fighters can most certainly pose a threat to some male fighters, she clearly acknowledges the inherent, on-average genetic advantage that men have by saying she likes “sanctions” in her sport, and that “men are men, women are women.”

Holly, this is the exact reason you destroyed Ronda:  you’re grounded in reality. Ronda was high on delusions about her potential/skill, most of which was likely fed to her by the white knight/feminist mainstream media that wanted to believe so badly in this “female empowerment” queen.

There’s nothing wrong with empowered women. The question is: do they calibrate their confidence to balance out with reality?



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