Feminist Sports Commentator Blames Ronda Rousey’s Excessive Arrogance on Male-Dominated UFC/MMA

Yup. As I’ve been saying for months now: Ronda Rousey, and her obsessive cult of idiotic fans, are infected with feminist delusions.

In the following video, you will see a female feminist sports commentator attempt to justify and rationalize Ronda Rousey’s arrogance and over-glorification as a fighter by blaming–you guessed it–the patriarchy: on the fact that the UFC/MMA have been, historically, a male-dominated/populated sport. (scroll down for video)

Specifically, she’s not just talking about the overall public perception of Ronda, but even some of Ronda’s delusional statements like, when asked if she could be Floyd Mayweather, “In a ruleless fight…I believe I can beat anyone on this planet.”

However, as you’ll hear in the video below, the feminist commentator tries justifying Ronda’s ridiculous claims by saying Ronda had to “manufacture” her potential in order to garner attention for herself as a female fighter in a male-dominated sport. (scroll down for video)

These claims of spectacular greatness made by the now-former-champion became the catalyst for boosting her popularity and the public’s perception of her potential/skill as a fighter.

This is why, a few months ago, I made this video titled “The REAL Reason Ronda Rousey Won’t Fight Men“, which described the public’s delusional obsession with Ronda and their unrealistic perception of what she was capable of–especially in comparison to men.

Of course, my video garnered tons of “dislikes” from butthurt moronic Rousey fans, and even prompted a debate from some internet white knight who assumed my criticisms of Ronda and the public must mean I hate women (lol).

Watch the Video of the Feminist Sports Commentator Below:



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