Young Turks Co-Host Says Sexist Double-Standard Against Men Is “Okay”

The goal of the white knight male feminist is to fight—at all costs—for the grand vagina-collective. This was displayed with perfect irony in a video from The Young Turks yesterday. (scroll down for video)

Hosts Ana Kasparian and Ben Mankiewicz debated the topic of sexual harassment of famous musicians by random fans on-stage while performing. This is an issue that has popped up frequently over the years, ranging from Beyonce getting her ass slapped by a male in the crowd, to recently, rapper Kevin Gates being touched by a woman, ultimately resulting in him kicking her in the chest.


This time, the hosts discussed a recent incident involving Katy Perry being sexually harassed by a female fan. In a surprising display of gender equality and logical consistency, Ana actually took the side of reason by exposing the double-standard. She said:

…this story didn’t really blow up in America, like, I didn’t see much coverage of this. And when you think about it, if a male fan went up on stage and did the same things this female fan did: a) no one in the media would be joking around about it, and it would be a huge story, it would blow up. But for some reason, if a female gropes another female, it’s totally okay.”


And it’s at this point that the pathetically weak nature of male feminists is revealed in all its shriveling glory. Ben responds by saying:

Yeah, there’s a double-standard there, and I think that’s probably okay…But I mean, we have a double-standard, that’s okay. It’s okay to have a double-standard…

Ana responded with:

That’s insane, I don’t think that that’s okay.

At this point, I probably don’t have to break down why Ben’s statement is so fucking obviously contradictory and incompatible with modern feminism and it’s supposed objectives. But, if you’re new to the world of anti-feminism, I’ll break it down.

Ben is admitting there are inherent differences between men and women.He goes onto say, “[Men] are more of a threat. He’s bigger, and he’s a guy…!” So, even as he admits men and women are not equal, he simultaneously claims to be a feminist fighting for equal rights. How can you fight for equality if you admit the sexes are inherently unequal?

But this is the modus operandi of the male feminist white knight coward: he claims to defend women under the presumption that they can be equal to men, yet ironically by the mere fact of his existence proves women need a man to protect and defend them. It’s the damsel-in-distress being saved by the knight in shining armor, except this time it’s all done behind the facade of feminism’s banner of gender equality.

Watch the full video:



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