Carly Fiorina Shills For Feminism In New “Workplace Discrimination” Video

The name of the video is “If Men Were Treated  Like Women In The Office”, it features Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, and it further proves how even the most seemingly “conservative” candidate can be a shill for feminism. (scroll down for video)

Depicting a series of supposed workplace-cliches on how women are belittled by their male counterparts, the video only proves that the modern feminist movement is a lobbying group for whiny, entitled women who want what they haven’t worked for.

“How do you walk in those shoes,” says Carly to a man wearing sneakers. The video then covers the following supposed examples of patriarchal oppression:

  1. “Getting talked over”
  2. “Being defined by family”
  3. “Being assigned domestic tasks” 
  4. “Commenting on your food”
  5. “Being talked down to”
  6. “Being defined by your gender”


Although Carly is certainly a far cry from leftist liberal feminists, she clearly still believes that a patriarchal conspiracy is the cause of “workplace discrimination”, rather than simply a lack of hard work. (scroll down for video)

There are countless women throughout history who’ve achieved corporate-success without identifying themselves as feminists, and even critiquing the feminist movement. One example that comes to mind is Judge Judy, who when asked if she was a feminist, said:

I never considered myself a feminist. All during my professional career, whether it be a lawyer or a judge, I never belonged to a woman’s organization. I wasn’t a ‘woman’ lawyer, I was a lawyer who happened to be a woman. And I wasn’t a ‘woman’ judge, I was a judge who happened to be a woman…I don’t feel like there was any time in my life when I though that being a woman held me back.

In other words, the reason that stereotypes about women exist is because there are general truths about the genders that are…well, true! Carly claims there’s workplace discrimination against women, yet probably has never mentioned what is just as arguably “workplace discrimination” against men who comprise the vast majority of garbage collectors.

But of course, when was the last time you heard a feminist clamoring for more women to work in the garbage collection industry? Nah, all they care about are “more female CEOs!”—you know, the clean, well-paying air-conditioned jobs.


This is the essence of modern feminism: while it claims women can be just as dominant and effective as men, it simultaneously whines and complains 24/7 about unfair those evil men are.

It’s like when Donald Trump supposedly mocked Carly’s appearance by saying, “look at that face”. Many interpreted this as a sexist objectification of a woman, but the truth is that Trump ridicules and mocks everyone—man and woman alike, including their appearance. Did you forget Donald Trump’s mockery of Rand Paul’s appearance at the CNN debate?

Watch Carly’s video below:



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