#BringBackThePatriarchy Generates Some Buzz on Twitter Today

#BringBackThePatriarchy? What!? How could anyone advocate a return to such a retrograde social norm? Isn’t this what decades of political/feminist activism have fought tirelessly to escape from?! What kind of oppressive savages could possibly want to see an end to all the rights and freedoms women have gained!?!??!?!?!????!

Well, that’s the reaction from feminists. But plenty of other people on Twitter today were sharing #BringBackThePatriarchy with staunch support. Here’re a few examples:

Now, although I can’t say I agree with every nuance of this trending hashtag, I can say from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that the more patriarchal I behave in my interactions with women, the more women find me sexually attractive.

This, of course, is no new revelation: whether it’s the popular term “the friendzone”, or the recent “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon, or the old adage “girls like the bad boys”, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence in all our lives indicating that women, no matter how much feminist brainwashing they’ve received, deep down LOVE to get on their knees and serve the cock—they LOVE being in the subservient position to a man of their choosing.

So, no, I can’t say I agree with every nuance of the above-referenced tweets, but I can generally say that if “patriarchy” means assuming the authoritative position over the woman (women) in your life, then I’m all for that. So I tweeted out my generalized support of the hashtag:

Learn more about what I mean by “get on your knees and serve the cock” in this video:



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