Woman Has Sex With Unconscious Man In Middle of the Street: “Alcohol Made Me Do It!”

In a disturbingly humorous video, a woman was caught having sex in the middle of a street in broad daylight with an unconscious man. The video is not one that you would likely choose to watch for enjoyment, unlike many videos on websites like https://www.hdpornvideo.xxx/?hl=bg that are rather sexually explicit. The man has chosen not to press charges because, according to him, he had given the woman consent. (scroll down for video)

“Cuz I was in the mood”. This was the openly simple explanation that Kimberly Jackson gave for having sex with her boyfriend in a parking lot.


When asked what got her “in the mood”, she responded: “alcohol!”

The man involved had this to say: “I’m sitting here trying to clear her name, lettin’ her know…I consented to it!”

The couple justified their actions by claiming they wanted to be spontaneous, and when asked if something like this would happen again, the man responded, “I don’t know.”

Not everything on the planet can (or should) be interpreted through an anti-feminist lens, but in this case, it is interesting to note that by feminist standards this would have constituted rape…well, assuming the roles had been reversed:


If the unconscious person had been the woman, and the conscious one had been a man, we all know this would have had a much higher likelihood of being deemed “rape”. This is the paradox of feminism’s so-called fight for gender equality: they don’t mean equal in terms of responsibility, just equal in terms of benefits.

Watch the full video here:



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