VIDEO: White Man Who ACTUALLY Has “Hands Up” Gets Shot Dead By Cops

Today, footage appeared online depicting what appears to be a white man with his “hands up” being shot dead by Texas deputies. (scroll down for video)

Unsurprisingly (and contrary to the dishonest narrative pushed by #BlackLivesMatter), the mainstream media has completely ignored his skin color.

Here’s a quick image from a Google News search of the incident, notice not a single reference to skin color in the headlines:



Not a single reference to the man’s skin color, as compared to the average headline when the victim of apparent police brutality is black. The subtle implication in this media trend is that white people can’t be victims of abusive cops, or that, at the least, when the victim is white, his death is not worth the same amount of media sensationalism as black victims.

When a black man is killed by cops under questionable (or not-so-questionable) circumstances, the media is QUICK to include “black” in the headlines. When it’s a white man, it’s completely disregarded. This means VICTIMS are portrayed as black, and AGGRESSORS are portrayed as white. The narrative says, “whites are evil violent racist murderers, blacks are helpless innocent victims.” Similar with how George Zimmerman was consistently called a “white” man, even though he was Hispanic and FAR from purebred “white”. White man = evil. Black man = victim.


All this, of course, plays right into the divide-and-conquer agenda of the media, which defines everything along the lines of race in order to perpetuate racial hostilities.

Now, does this mean the man was innocent or undeserving of what happened? Not at all: the video is shaky and shot from a distance, making it difficult to tell what prompted the officers to fire. We should wait for the facts to come out. My point is simply the double-standard of media reporting in an age of so-called “white privilege”.

Watch the video for yourself and decide:



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