VIDEO: Fat Ugly Feminist Is Angry She Has to Wear Makeup

In another example of how absolutely pathetic feminist women are, a video has surfaced showing an atrocious land whale pathetically whining about…makeup. (scroll down for video)

“Thanks for tuning in to today’s makeup tutorial,” says the bloated bitch who’s bursting at the seems with contempt for pretty women, “This is my go-to look for when I want to have any power as a woman in society.”

The disgustingly entitled pig is referring to the fact that most women are expected to shower, do their hair, wear makeup, and—dare I say it—exercise to avoid becoming obese! But of course, self-preservation isn’t just a natural, healthy tendency of self-loving humans—it’s actually just part of the patriarchal conspiracy to oppress women!


“First, I apply…all-day foundation, which allows me to receive basic respect in everyday interactions…Next, I use ‘Eye Babe’ color lock eyeliner to slightly increase the chance that my ideas will be heard at work.”

Now look, is it true that sometimes, being attractive on a superficial level can earn the attention and interest of others in life? Of course it is, but you see, I wouldn’t have much of a problem with this feminist whore if she was at least consistent in her calls for gender equality, because the truth is: men are also held to unrealistically high expectations of superficial physical beauty that causes many of them to invest countless hours into their appearance in order to gain extra societal praise and attention.

As this lazy fat slob calls for #FatAcceptance, men are injecting steroids to build unrealistic amounts of muscle in a short period of time. Ladies, putting on makeup might take you an extra 5 minutes every morning, but risking your health with Synthol injections is an undeniably greater risk and burden. (scroll down for video)


Synthol addicts inject oil into their bodies to simulate having large muscles

And hey, it’s true that women also put themselves through dangerous body-altering procedures, like face-lifts or breast implants. But I’m not denying that, the point is: men and women put themselves through just about the same amount superficial body-modifications, so blaming it on some anti-woman patriarchal conspiracy is just fuckin delusional.

The truth is: women have, historically, always gotten first dibs on the right to complain. This is why feminism will always spring up in a civilization long before any men’s rights activism. Because women are, on average, physically less competent than men, they naturally get to whine and cry about how unfair everything is—and because every other man is a neutered white knight begging for the approval of women, it’s inevitable that their whining will be enabled.


The land whale continues, “And that’s the look! If you like what you see, subscribe to my channel for tips on other costly, time-sucking practices that oppress women.”

And by this mentally-stunted whore’s logic, working out, penis-enlargement exercises, and Rogaine are also “time-sucking practices”, except these “oppress” men.

Watch her full video here:



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