UFC’s Tank Abbott Challenges Ronda Rousey: “If You Win, I’ll Give You $100k, If I Win, You Make Me A Sandwich”

“She’s a girl! It’s all about this emotional stuff…Ronda Rousey couldn’t fight her way out of a wet paper bag.”

The princess of the UFC, Ronda Rousey, may finally be shoved off her artificially-inflated pedestal if she accepts a fight challenge from UFC legend Tank Abbott. (scroll down for video)

There’s no denying that part of Ronda’s fame, wealth, and celebrity is due to the mere fact that she is a woman. Since the UFC practices gender segregation (women not allowed to fight men) under the presumption men have an inherent advantage, it’s obvious she would get demolished by most advanced male fighters (even in her own weight class).


Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped the world from putting Ronda up on a pedestal, celebrating her as if she’s a revolution in mixed martial arts, even though the only revolution she’s sparked is as a female fighter. Truth is: as long as you refuse to fight men under the presumption they have an inherent advantage (UFC’s gender segregation policy), then you’re essentially admitting they’re better than you in the sport.

But now, it seems one male UFC fighter has had enough of the delusional over-glorification of Ronda Rousey, piercing through the hype with a blunt challenge.

Appearing on TMZ Hollywood Sports, UFC’s original legendary fighter Tank Abbott said:

I am going to put out there: to any female—and you can’t be like a tranny—you gotta be a female—born a female—I will fight you, I won’t even train, I will fight you—and, guess what: if I win, which is gonna happen (and you’re gonna get bashed up good), you’re gonna have to make me a sandwich. If you win, I’ll give you a hundred-thousand dollars.

Tank Abbott is a legend in the UFC, becoming one of the most successful fighters during the organization’s early days. He has fought in the Super Heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions, and according to his Wikipedia page, he weighs 255lbs.


Of course, the difference in weight between Ronda and Tank poses the obvious question of fairness—irrespective of gender. Male fighters of different weight classes are not expected to fight each other, so why should Ronda Rousey?

Well, putting aside Ronda’s threats of beating up Floyd Mayweather (while hiding behind her belief that, when it comes to men hitting women, “I don’t think that’s ever acceptable”), the truth is that it wouldn’t really be proving much if Tank beat the crap out of Ronda for the simple fact that they’re not in the same weight class.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting to finally see a male fighter challenge a woman after Ronda’s explosive success and celebrity, which seemed to peak after UFC 190 (though still has plenty of potential). Everyone seems to have to tip-toe around Ronda, because being too combative in your words could make you a “misogynist” or a hater. Even Conor McGregor has to talk about her in interviews with a degree of cautious respect that he seldom gives to male fighters.


As I’ve documented in many past videos, portions of the public and the media have delusions about Ronda, and often use her as some kind of “proof” that female fighters can be the best, even though UFC’s gender segregation policy inherently implies their inferiority.

Appearing on a separate TMZ interview to elaborate his position, Tank also added:

Well, that’s an oxymoron to begin with, a ‘ferocious female’. Yeah, it’s the truth. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter, a girl is a girl, make me a sandwich, iron my socks, and actually make me breakfast, that would be better.

When asked if he at least respects Ronda’s skill as a fighter, he said:

The only thing she is magnificent at is being a friend of Dana White and making it a weight class and having women fight in the UFC. She couldn’t beat herself out of a wet paper bag.

When asked what he’d say to people who think he’s a chauvinist pig, he said:

I’d say you’re right and vote for Donald Trump.

Whether or not Tank is actually just being sarcastic and musing over negative perceptions of female fighters is yet to be known. However, he does seem legit and it would be self-destructive to his reputation to make such controversial stances that he didn’t actually believe in.

Watch the video:



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