Trump’s New Attack Ad Proves Why He’s The Only One With Balls and Originality

Donald Trump just released a new anti-Jeb attack ad that humorously mocks the ageing Republican contender. (scroll down for video)

In an age of corporate kowtowing where organizations are overly concerned about image and not offending anyone, it’s absolutely fuckin’ refreshing to see a presidential candidate with the kind of rugged authenticity that, at the very least, proves he’s a real fuckin’ human—and not a complete puppet for lobbyists.

The short, 15-second attack ad is a mock prescription pill commercial, starting with the words, “Having trouble sleeping at night? Too much energy? Need some low energy?”


The video cuts to a recent speech by Jeb where a female member of the audience fell asleep right behind him, reinforcing the stereotype created by Trump that Bush Jr. is “low energy”.


The ad concludes with the words, “Jeb: For All Your Sleeping Needs.” (scroll down for video)

Now, the reason I’m praising this attack ad is not because I endorse Donald Trump for president, but rather that I admire his authenticity, and willingness to take risks by being authentic.

The ad itself is not particularly amazing, but it’s an attempt at humor with few apologies. Often, when a candidate tries to be funny, it’s often teeming with this apologetic uncertainty that is toxic to what makes comedy funny in the first place.

Donald Trump could easily be criticized by the media as being “insensitive” to old people, or being “silly” and not “strict” enough for someone running for president. This certainly could have been the perception when he gave his famous “Only Rosie O’Donnell” line during the first Republican presidential debate.


“Only Rosie O’Donnell”

And yet Trump’s humor, or more specifically his willingness to take risks through politically incorrect jokes which reflects his authenticity, made the audience erupt in laughter. Finally: a REAL FUCKIN PERSON!

In an age where essentially every political candidate for the past century has been a puppet pandering to the pockets of special interests, it’s refreshing to see someone who is confident and ballsy enough to express some actual authenticity, rather than tiptoeing around everyone’s heightened sensibilities.

You can watch the Trump ad here:



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