Thin Pretty Girl Banned From YouTube After Mocking Fat Gluttons

The SJW-feminist #FatAcceptance mob has managed to shut down a thin, pretty girl’s entire YouTube channel after uploading a controversial video that mocked obese people. (scroll down for video)

“Fat shaming…is not a thing,” says YouTuber Nicole Arbour, who doesn’t try rationalizing gluttony, “Fat people made that up: that’s a race-card, with no race!”

The 6-minute video was deleted by YouTube after being flagged by viewers as “offensive”, though was later reinstated. I, of course, wasn’t as lucky when one of my viral videos was taken down by YouTube as “hate speech”. The video is still unavailable to this day, though you can watch it here on my Facebook page.


Nicole continues, “Are you gonna tell the doctor that they’re being mean and fat-shaming you when they say you have fuckin heart disease?”

The fact that enough people would find her opinion offensive enough to censor it proves the petty privileged entitlement of the #FatAcceptance movement.

As I elaborated in a previous video, being overweight is almost alwaysprivilege of first-world civilization: you have the privilege to eat tons of tasty, high-caloric foods while barely moving.

However, #FatAcceptance portrays themselves as victims of some kind of oppression, or discrimination. And this is the world we live in: a bunch of privileged, entitled whiners who have such an easy life that they’ve managed to turn their first-world luxuries into a protected status.

You can watch Nicole’s full “controversial” video here:



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  1. Fuck the fat.

  2. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

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