NASA Panders to Feminism, Has Woman Read Off Teleprompter At Today’s Press Conference?

“Women in STEM fields”. That phrase might sound familiar to you. There’s even a Wikipedia page for it:


It’s a reference to the feminist push to undo the “terrible injustice” of not enough women in the fields of: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Of course, feminist theory would have you believe this “injustice” is due to the oppressive patriarchy, but in reality it’s just that men and women tend to choose different life goals voluntarily. This was masterfully explained in the documentary “Brainwash: The Gender Equality Paradox”.

And today, NASA may have pandered to this feminist delusion by deliberately offering one segment of their press conference to a female colleague—who read in monotone off what appears to be a teleprompter, and from sheets of paper with pre-written information:

From her monotone voice, to the sound of shuffling paper, to the brief moment where you can see her turning her head down between camera cuts as if to refer to the notes on her lap, there’s enough evidence to speculate she may have been deliberately planted in the press conference to give NASA the public image of being gender inclusive to women.

Now, I concede it’s also possible she’s a completely well-informed space geek who genuinely loves science and was just as legitimate as any of the other members of the press conference, but you can’t blame my skepticism given recent high-profile feminist spectacles.

Like #ShirtGate: a scandal as silly as the hashtag implies, this occurred late last year when a male scientist from the European Space Agency—who was part of a successful mission to land a probe on a comet—was essentially forced to publicly apologize after feminists shamed him online for wearing a shirt that depicted scantily-clad cartoon women:


The man eventually broke down in tears apologizing to the world for the crime of having a healthy masculine sex drive.

Feminists claimed his shirt could make women in his field (the “S” in STEM, science) feel uncomfortable, with two writers for The Verge headlining their article with, “I don’t care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing”.

As you can see in this feminist’s tweet, his shirt “proves” women are not accepted in scientific workplaces:

Eventually, the “sexist scientist” who just helped pioneer an historic mission in space exploration, broke down in tears, sobbing for wearing a shirt that his female friend personally designed and made for him:

Matt Taylor

So, in light of such undeniable feminist attacks on reality, I don’t think I’m being irrational when a pretty girl gets in front of a camera during a NASA press conference and appears to essentially read pre-written material off a teleprompter and sheets of paper on her lap.

I have absolutely nothing against women in STEM fields, but I am opposed to feminist delusions infiltrating reality and essentially bullying good, well-intentioned people into kowtowing to their self-destructive demands.

And again, I could be wrong, and this woman may very well be a space geek who’s on par with her male colleagues, but given past feminist spectacles, I’m not out of line to be skeptical.



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