Kevin Gates Responds to Woman-Kicking Incident With New Rap Song: “I Warned Her 2 or 3 Times!”

After receiving a torrent of criticism online when a viral video surfaced showing him kicking a woman in the chest for inappropriately touching him at a live show, Rapper Kevin Gates has responded with a new rap song called “#TheTruth”.

“I will not be disrespected…[by a] nigga or a bitch”.  The words are clearly a reference to what could be none other described as Kevin’s pro-gender equality stance, where he holds men and women equally accountable for their actions, instead of sexistly giving women a pass as if they are mentally retarded children who cannot be held responsible.


Some of the lyrics to the song read, “She grabbed my dick—over, it ended, I’m sorry. Two or three times I had already warned her.”

As revealed in this new song, according to Kevin’s account of the incident, the female who sexually assaulted him, Og Brianne, had reached over the stage and touched him more than once. The lyrics imply she may have even grabbed his penis.

The lyrics continue, “Edit that part out I don’t like to argue, my children go with me to every performance.”

Apparently, for the rapper, this is a matter of self-respect, both for himself and for the female sexual molester. Furthermore, it’s an issue of personal boundaries. The question remains: how far is too far?

Although the video only shows her touching him once, according to Kevin’s song, he had touched her “2 or 3 times” and he had “already warned her”. When a person consistently sexually assaults you, at what point are you justified in defending yourself with physical force?

A couple years ago, while performing live on stage, a male fan slapped Beyonce’s ass, and she nearly stopped the show to tell him she might kick him out of the venue. And that’s fair enough: individuals are entitled to privacy and protection from others’ invasions/assaults.


My point is: in a world that pushes feminist “gender-equality” mantras 24/7, why do people still act so shocked and surprised when a woman gets treated like a man? (i.e. if a guy had touched Kevin Gates’ penis 2 or 3 times, do you think he’d go easy on him?)

The rapper’s song further elaborates, “You should have respected yourself, you’re a queen and you wasn’t respecting yourself. Ever been disrespected you know how it feels. You don’t have to like me, go love someone else.”

Listen to the entire song here:



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