#FatAcceptance: The Ultimate In Female Privilege

Let’s be honest: #FatAcceptance is a mostly female phenomenon.

I have never seen a male plus-sized model or fat-acceptance advocate. Do they exist? I’m sure. But are they the majority? Probably not, I’ve never seen’em.

But what I have seen is a growing wave of rotund women, hijacking the internet with pudgy hands posting pleading posts to Facebook and Twitter, petitioning the planet to paternalistically pander to their protests.

And in almost every case, the women of this movement are also feminists, creating an unsettling hybrid between the feel-good self-deception of #FatAcceptance and feminism’s conspiracy theory of the patriarchy.

Not only do these women believe that gluttony is wonderful, but they also think that the public’s repulsion to their appearance is the consequence of “objectification”, or the idea that women are valued as objects of male sexual desire.


But what’s the inevitable consequence of believing that taking care of your body and health is just a patriarchal conspiracy to oppress women? Well, when thinness and health mean oppression, then obesity and heart disease mean FREEDOM!

The truth is: #FatAcceptance is a mostly female occurrence, once again proving what I’ve said for some time now: women, historically, have always gotten first dibs on the right to complain.

You know, because if a man cries, he’s called a pussy. Because if a man shows weakness, he’s told to “man up”.

But when a woman cries, collective civilizations throughout history have felt the non-gender-equality impulse to sweep in and save the damsel in distress—not only excusing women’s emotional weakness, but essentially condoning it as part of their nature.

And hey, maybe being more inclined to emotions is part of women’s nature—and if that’s the case, then the most feminist thing to do is acknowledge and accept this, rather than deny it and tell women they need to repress their nature and try to be like men.


The truth is: #FatAcceptance and feminism go hand-in-hand, and feed into each other, which is why it’s no surprise that, in this feminist age, #FatAcceptance is on the rise. Although you might think #FatAcceptance is just a body-positive movement about self-esteem, the truth is it’s intimately linked to feminism. Sure, I bet the rising rates of obesity due to the industrialization of food (making it ever-cheaper and ever-easier to obtain) also plays a role, but it seems #FatAcceptance and feminism were destined to be ideological buddies.

Because at the core of both of these movements, are two essential, common threads: victimhood and entitlement.

At the absolute core of #FatAcceptance is the notion of complete victimhood: they are “victims” of their genes (which they claim causes them to eat unimaginable amounts of food whilst barely moving). But when you add entitlement to the mix, not only do you get a fat whore who can’t stop eating, but you also get one entitled enough to think everyone should find her beautiful.

And that’s the fundamental goal of #FatAcceptance, whether they admit it or not. Don’t fall for their claims that all they want is to stop public mocking. NO: they also want you to love them for their fatness. Where at first their goal is ending #FatShaming, their next goal would be enforcing #FatLoving, where they’ll likely use government law to force employers and consumers to prop up this new tyranny of gluttons. They’ve already tried to end #FatDiscrimination in the workplace, with obese people (mostly women) claiming they’re being discriminated against when employers prefer to hire a thin, healthy worker rather than a pool of grease.

At its core, the #FatAcceptance movement which, claims to be all about “tolerance”, is actually extremely intolerant of people’s right to not like them. If it was up to these bouncing balls of butter, they would take over political office on a wave of lobbyist donations from the food industry, and begin passing laws to enforce a tyranny of gluttony as depicted in the movie Wall-E.

This is the ultimate fantasy of the average fat fuckin disgusting female slob who sits in front of a camera and tries lecturing you about how you’re evil and they’re victims. Behind the pseudo-victimhood veil are greedy gluttons of the grandest gauge, gobbling gummy bears while aggressing against the gaunt and gorgeous among us.


Fat Acceptance Advocate

When you see a #FatAcceptance advocate, do not fall for their victimhood. This is not a victim. This is a greedy privileged whore of the highest order—a hoarder of food playing the part of the victim to preserve her decadent habits.

#FatAcceptance and feminism go hand-in-hand, further proof that feminism is nothing more than a lobbying group for female privilege masquerading as victimhood.



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