Defiant Woman Throws Dog Crap in Cop’s Face. The Cop’s Response Is a Lesson in Gender Equality

In a heroic act of gender equality, an Australian police officer was forced to react swiftly after a rude, feisty, unruly bitch threw her dog’s crap in his face.

The video begins with a confrontation between two police officers and the female who was walking her dog. Defiantly, she was demanding the cops let her pass through a crime scene so she could return to her home. But of course, given the investigation was still underway, they were not going to let her do that. (scroll down for video)


But this bitch, apparently, wasn’t having it:

“…the only way in [to my home] is that way! There’s no other way in, if there was, I would be going that way!”

The officers insist she cannot pass through the crime scene, at which point the woman continues to shout some inaudible nonsense, then suddenly reaches down, picks up her dog’s freshly planted crap off the floor, and throws it in one of the cop’s faces—apparently also slightly slapping him with the same hand during the gesture.


Then, in a sudden, swift, and heroic act of gender equality, the officer violently (yet justifiably) shoves her to the floor, in which she immediately disappears from the camera’s sight.

As is typical of violent women who think they can go around assaulting men without consequence, she then plays the damsel-in-distress victim card, screaming like a 4-year-old child as if she’d done nothing wrong and the male officers were the aggressors.

Here at Red Pill Philosophy, we believe strongly in gender equality, so when a woman unjustly assaults a man, it’s his every right to knock her fuckin teeth out—as you would to any man who harmed you. Being “equal” to men comes with its consequences, here’s another one:


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Watch the full video here:



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