BREAKING: Ronda Rousey Announces: “I’m The Highest Paid Fighter In the UFC”

Ronda Rousey just disproved one of feminism’s greatest myths: the “gender pay gap”.

On the upcoming September 14th episode of Ellen (which we attained a sneak preview of), Ronda was asked, “Are women making the same money that men earn [in the UFC]?” (scroll down for video)

In response, Ms. Rowdy said, “Yeah, I’m the highest paid fighter in the UFC.”

The announcement is certainly breaking news, because although some have hinted that she’s one of the top earners, no one has ever officially confirmed that she makes the most.


Rousey’s announcement is somewhat in conflict with statements from Conor McGregor, who as recently as September 2, 2015 said, “I’m the hardest working, highest paid fighter in the game.”

So, who is the highest paid fighter? Well, Ronda’s announcement is the most recent, and her matter-of-fact demeanor implies she is, indeed, the wealthiest of them all.

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Underlying this are questions about feminism’s so-called “gender pay gap”. Although the gap does exist, it is not the result of patriarchal discrimination, but rather the fact that women, on average, make different career choices that naturally earn less income (career field, hours worked, etc.).


In other words, if women are in fact earning less than men, it’s simply because they aren’t working hard enough. And Ronda Rousey’s announcement that she’s the highest paid fighter in the entire sport proves that the problem isn’t patriarchal discrimination, but simply not working hard enough, or not being good enough.

Watch her full announcement video here:




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