VIDEO: Black Guy Sells Confederate Flags To White People So They Don’t Feel Racist

In an ironic twist that I’m still trying to figure out, a “black man” released a YouTube video offering to sell white people Confederate Flags so they don’t feel racist. (scroll down for video)

“White people, buying Confederate Flags from other white people, might seem kind of suspicious. And that’s where I come in.”

The man who calls himself “AJ Hall”, although not night-sky black, has clearly got some black genes in him. He continues, “At, prove to the world once and for all that it [the flag] is about heritage, not hate. If the Confederate Flag was a symbol of racism, could you buy one from a black guy? Hell no.”


It’s difficult to tell this guy’s motive: is he a bleeding-heart liberal mocking southerners, or is he a conservative defending the flag—or is this dude just a hustler who knows how to make a quick buck?

“Here at, we guarantee you only the finest Confederate Flags, hand-folded and sealed by genuine black people.”


His video concludes with a little more ironic humor, “There are some people out there who’d stop me from selling these flags…Hmm: stopping a black man from making an honest living: who’s the real racist?”

Watch the video here:



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