Bill Maher Goes Donald Trump on Jorge Ramos, Angrily Shouts At Him

What happens when liberal race-baiting comes home to roost? You get cringe-worthy moments as seen last Friday on Bill Maher’s show Real Time. (scroll down for video)

Bill was discussing the recent incident involving Ahmed Mohammed, a 14-year-old Muslim student who was arrested for bringing a suspicious looking device to school for a project. Although he claimed the object was a “clock”, it abso-fuckin-lutely looked like a bomb from every Hollywood action movie you’ve ever seen:


Anyways, Bill was bashing the left’s swooned-reaction to Ahmed and he even came out in opposition to part of the boy’s story, specifically the fact that what he brought to school did, indeed, look like a fucking bomb, but also that he was Muslim: the same race most known today for blowing shit up with explosives (well, I guess America is pretty high up there too…)


In other words, Bill didn’t think it was that irrational, insensitive, or unjustified for Ahmed’s school to assume the “clock” was a bomb and perform an investigation to make a definitive conclusion.

Unfortunately for the show host, his panel that night included Jorge Ramos, the now-infamous Mexican immigrant reporter from Univision who barbarically and rudely interrupted Donald Trump’s press conference a few weeks ago. (scroll down for video)


Ramos is nothing short of an SJW, blindly supporting minorities irrespective of their behavior under the presumption white people are evil oppressors (though, white people are apparently so great he vehemently defends immigration to their country).

So it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when Jorge disagreed with Bill and came to Ahmed’s defense, saying, “but would [Ahmed have been arrested] if he wasn’t Muslim? The whole controversy is precisely because of the color of his skin.”

Somewhat agitated, Bill responds, “It’s not the color of his skin. It’s not the color of his skin…Somebody look me in the eye and tell me, over the last 30 years, if so many young Muslim men, and he’s young, 14, haven’t blown a lot of shit up around the world?”


The back-and-forth continues for a few minutes, with Ramos insisting the boy was unjustly racially profiled, and Bill denying it.

Eventually, Bill cites countless examples of Muslims bombing things as justification for why suspecting Ahmed was rational.

And Ramos—perpetually obsessed with race and collective generalizations—interrupts by saying, “And [Ahmed] is not responsible for all [those bombings].”

Finally, Bill snaps in a moment of angered frustration that rivals anything Donald Trump ever did to Ramos at a press conference, raising his voice to say, “He’s not! Of course not! We’re not saying he—!”


And suddenly, in the middle of his rage, Bill shuts himself up (probably afraid he’d be called racist for disagreeing with a minority), takes a breath, then ends the conversation abruptly by saying, “Okay, we’ve had this discussion long enough.”

You know, when Donald Trump justifiably had Jorge Ramos kicked out of his press conference for interrupting, the liberal media scolded him, including Bill Maher who said, “The racism out of the Trump camp is getting kind of nasty.”

And yet, with Bill’s decision to abruptly cut short his debate with Ramos (which escalated to borderline shouting-in-frustration), I don’t think it’s a stretch to conclude he ended it to avoid coming off as “insensitive” to the “poor helpless minority whom the evil white man daren’t confront”.

It reminds me of Bernie Sanders’ recent confrontation with the #BlackLivesMatter morons, who interrupted his speech.


Bernie allowed them to hijack his event (even after calling everyone there “racist white liberals”), and again, it’s not a stretch to conclude that the reason he didn’t resist them is because he would’ve been misconstrued as racist—all tactics commonly used by the very same liberals and progressives against the right.

This is what I mean by liberals’ race-baiting coming home to roost: when you enable minorities into thinking every form of white opposition is just racism, then their minority-victimhood-delusions will eventually become so extreme that they’ll even accuse white progressive liberals of being “racist” if they ever even disagree, or not kowtow to even the most destructive behavior.

You can watch Bill Maher “racistly” yell at Ramos here (the scream comes at the end):



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