Women Jump On “Revenge Body” Trend To Get Back At Their Exes

Ever since feminism criminalized femininity, women’s last remaining feminine feature is their physical body, prompting ladies everywhere to devolve into the most petty, unsustainable fads in order to preserve their value in the dating game.

Yes, it’s true: feminism—contrary to what the name may imply—has systematically made being feminine a shameful taboo. And if you want proof of this, click here to see how popular actress Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting was forced to apologize to feminists after they attacked her for saying she likes being a traditional housewife who cooks for her man.

And now, since it’s basically illegal to be a feminine woman who’s mastered the art of empowered submissiveness, ladies everywhere are clinging to the last remaining feminine quality that persists to exist only because feminists can’t get rid of it: the female body.

Though, technically, feminists are trying to get rid of that, too:

And now, in an unsurprising yet telling “new” trend called “revenge body”, women commit themselves to “getting back” at their exes by…burning off that extra 25 pounds of cellulite-ridden belly fat they refused to lose while dating their man.

It is a bit bizarre: if you’re willing to go through the effort to lose weight to impress your boyfriend/get revenge, why wouldn’t you do it while you were dating him and claiming to “love” him so much?

Well, the answer to this contradiction is obvious: lots of women gain most of their weight after they get into a relationship, settling down to rest their pudgy guts on the fact that you, the man, “love” her “unconditionally” (lol).

So, it’s a kind of disturbing irony: you wouldn’t lose the weight to make your boyfriend happy while dating him, but you will lose the weight to piss him off afterwards with your “revenge body”?

Well, fuck, that’s fuckin’ sinister.

Though, then again, it’s arguable that “revenge body” isn’t so much about “getting back” at your ex, as it is about increasing your value in the sexual marketplace so you can find some new guy who’ll “love” you “unconditionally” and overlook your hoggish eating habits and protruding gut.

This is why I don’t advocate any form of long-term, tied-down exclusive form of relationships. For the most part, people don’t enter “faithful relationships” because they actually only want to be with 1 partner. Instead, they do it because it’s like an insurance plan that protects you from the possibility of being single. If the average person truly loved their partner “so much”, there wouldn’t be a 50+% divorce rate, and the even higher rate of cheating.

Happily Married…Happily Complacent

And for women taking part in the “revenge body” phenomenon, it simply proves a big motivating factor for why women (and even men) would want to be in a tied-down relationship: because the agreed-upon rules of this human-contract often include delusions about “unconditional love”. But “unconditional love” might as well just mean “if you love me and all my shitty self-destructive unattractive qualities, then I’ll love yours, too!”

The truth is, most people in long-term loyalty-based relationships are just deluding themselves into believing they love their partner unconditionally because being with someone who will accept your flaws (and still bang you) is light-years better than being single, having to continually improve yourself, and never settling down into laziness and lethargy.



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