Woman Drugs/Rapes 15-Year-Old Boy—But You Won’t Believe How Light The Prison Sentence Is

Alright, I’m not gonna lie: as a 15-year-old boy-virgin and raging with hormones-the idea of being “raped” by a woman (and a professional cheerleader for the NFL, at that) would have been a fantasy for me.

Of course, the fine line between sexual fantasy and rape would entirely hinge upon whether or not she was at LEAST moderately good-looking. And so for this reason, ANY instance of a grown woman raping (and drugging) a young boy should be dealt with GREAT seriousness, simply for the possibility that some teenage boys may, in fact, interpret this “fantasy” as a nightmare. Just because At sex-hd.xxx, you can find the best fuck clips related to cougars enjoying their boy toys doesn’t mean it works this way in real life.

However, this case involving 48-year-old Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck is coming under scrutiny-NOT because of the obvious rape that took place, but because of the jail sentence she received, which almost equates to a slap on the wrist.

Female Rapist Pedophile: 48-Year-Old Molly Shattuck, former Cheerleader for the Boston Ravens

48 weekends in jail: that’s the sentence Molly received for drugging and raping a minor. Technically, it’s every OTHER weekend in jail, meaning she still gets to go out and party Friday nights a few times a month. She also has to register as a sex offender, and pay $10,000 to the boy and his family. Okay, not the lightest sentence, but certainly not the harshest given what MALE rapists have faced under similar circumstances.

Unsurprisingly, Ms. Shattuck’s defense attorney tried to use the damsel-in-distress victim card to absolve her of responsibility, saying she “has had struggles throughout her life,” including her former husband supposedly leaving her for a younger woman.

Yeah, in my book I’d call this a “fantasy”

Now, defense attorneys will say anything for their clients, so I’m not chalking this up to feminist sexism, but what is particularly obscene is the tendency of female rapists/murderers to blame their criminal behavior on the man in their life.

In an ABC news article titled “Female Sex Offenders Driven By More Than Sex”, an “expert” on sex offenders is quoted as saying, “[Women] don’t seem to be pedophiles like men. There are some cases where some people are in bad relationships or marriages and are just really lonely, and they find themselves in a relationship with these children. It isn’t so much that women are sexually aroused.”

LOL: the implication here is that rapist female pedophiles aren’t as much interested in sex (like those nasty piggish men are), and that it’s a bad relationship with the man in her life that leads to stealing young Johnny-boy’s virginity. This is a very subtle way of absolving women of personal responsibility, and even placing some of it on the man, lol.

But can we really call Molly Shattuck a victim when she premeditatively raped the boy? Would you like to know her predatory tactic for luring him in? Molly told her own son to text the victim with the following words: “Call my mom, she thinks you’re hot.”

Well, it’s certainly true: she IS pretty hot

Part of what feminism does (contrary to what it claims to do) is paint women as default victims, essentially revoking any free-will, self-control, or intent in their actions. Society still has trouble believing-truly believing-that women can rape, or even be pedophiles.

But the truth is: women are adults, they have self-control, and they’re very aware of what they’re doing (save some kind of legitimate mental illness). Women CAN be horny, they CAN be freaks, and they CAN have a predatory thirst for sex with minors. This sort of thing is often represented in videos on websites such as www tube v, where an older woman will seduce a younger male.

And luckily, the prosecutor in Molly’s case was merciless enough: “This was not a momentary lapse in judgment. She groomed him, seduced him, supplied him with alcohol, then took advantage of him, all for her own gratification.”

Well said, though Ms. Shattuck’s final sentencing was nonetheless mild, prompting concerns from Raeann Warner, an attorney who specializes in sexual abuse cases, saying, “It just seems light … and not in accord with sentences in cases involving less heinous sexual acts that were committed by males. I hope it’s not because she’s a woman….I think that the notion that boys, or young boys, are happy about this kind of thing, I think that’s a misguided notion and it’s a relic of past thinking. I don’t think the sex of the victim had anything to do with the sentence.”

Often times, as my introductory paragraph eludes to, the perception that males are horny pigs (though, admittedly, I am) often justifies lighter penalties for female rapists, since, hey, the boy must’ve liked it, right? But, the truth is, I would say on average, males are horny pigs, but so Are WOMEN! True gender equality would accept what is pretty much, on average, an indisputable fact: men like sex, women like sex. Don’t believe me? Visit https://35p-cheap-phone-sex.com/ and speak to one of the women on there. They seriously love sex and they aren’t alone. Instead of portraying women as these fluttering butterflies of innocence (daddy’s little girl phenomenon), we should look at things realistically: men like to pound women, and women like to get pounded.

This is reality, this is nature- two things feminism is fundamentally opposed to.



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  1. Is your argument suggesting the boy wasn’t a willing participant, even though he was a minor? There are some differences between rape by a woman and rape by a man. Firstly, a man can’t bear children so different consequences for the person being raped. Secondly a woman doesn’t need to be ‘turned on’ for a man to penetrate her and ejaculate inside her. I’m not sure about you, but if I don’t have an erection, ie, am not turned on’, I have trouble ‘getting it in’. The boy would surely need to have been turned on by the experience for it to occur. Sure, it’s rape, but it’s not the same as rape by a male so different penalties should apply.

    • chrisredpillphilosophy | August 24, 2015 at 8:29 pm | Reply

      You can’t diminish the severity of being forced into sex just because a boy needs to get an erection before forced-penetration happens, as opposed to female victims. Some female rape victims report being aroused even as they resist a rapists’ escalations. Some even report orgasms, doesn’t mean they soberly, voluntarily chose it. It’s disturbing you’d diminish the severity of rape in cases of boys compared to girls.

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