VIDEO: Woman Records Herself Falsely Accusing Cop of Rape

If she’s willing to lie about rape while it’s being recorded, imagine the false accusations when there’s no camera around. (scroll down for video)

A recent viral video depicts a California police officer dealing with a feisty, rebellious woman during a traffic stop. The cop is surprisingly calm in this post-police state era, asking the female passenger firmly but politely to exit the vehicle so he can tow the car.



After an extensive back-and-forth for over 3 minutes (all of which was recorded by the woman with her own camera), she decides to step out of the vehicle, but only under the presumption that she is free to go (not be detained by the officer).

However, the cop orders her to stay, and as she refuses he grabs her to prevent her from escaping. And so begins the false rape allegation, shouting, “Hey! This is…you’re raping me! This is rape! This is rape! This is rape! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”


Of course, no such rape occurred, as evidenced by the video, proving one of these two things, either: a) the woman trivializes the severity of actual rape by categorizing her scuffle with the cop as “rape”, or b) the woman is simply a complete liar who used a false rape allegation for her own benefit.

In either case, it proves an important point that rape-culture-obsessed feminists vehemently deny: women lie about rape, more often than you think.

But how does the average feminist respond to false rape allegations? By sharing this image with you:

The purpose of sharing this is to convince you that false accusations of rape are so uncommon that the costs of not believing alleged rape victims far outweigh the costs of falsely accusing that tiny minority of unlucky (and innocent) men.

But if lying about rape is so uncommon, why does a quick YouTube search result in countless videos of women—caught on camera—straight-up falsely accusing some helpless, bewildered guy of raping her? This happens all too often, you won’t find as many videos of this content as you would if you went With, you will find more free clips of consensual sex.

Of course, the irony in this video is that the woman lied about being raped even though she herself was recording her entire lie. Imagine what kind of lies she’d concoct with no cameras to record them…


This feminist world seems to be obsessed with rape—but not actual rape. Instead, feminists are obsessed with the trivialization of rape—a caricature of what should otherwise be a very serious crime.

You know, like when Emma “The Mattress Girl” Sulkowicz accused her college fuck-buddy of anally raping her, even though she’d sent text messages to him practically begging for anal sex—in her words: “fuck me in the butt”. Today, the likely falsely accused male student is suing the college for allowing Emma to essentially ruin his life on the basis of little to no evidence as she literally carries around a mattress on campus in her “art project” titled “Carry That Weight.”


In today’s post-feminist world, the topic of rape is like a hobby for gender studies students. Emma somehow managed to top the cringe-worthiness of “Carry That Weight” by creating a second “art project” in short-film format where she literally reenacted the night she was “raped”. Feminists like her claim to be obsessed with “rape culture” in an effort to protect women, but when you see such blatantly obvious trivialization, it’s clear the very serious topic of rape is little more than an excuse to gossip.

But what about that supposed “tiny handful” of men who are falsely accused of rape? I was recently “raped” (if you’re going by modern feminist standards, that is) by a female passenger while working for the ride-sharing company Lyft (kinda of like Uber). Now, I don’t actually believe I was “raped”, but the girl was initiating herself onto me with such assertiveness that, if the genders had been reversed, it would have at least constituted sexual assault. Click here to watch my full video on the whole experience.

And taxi drivers all over the world will tell you some pretty disturbing stories about women who molest them, take their clothes off, jump on top of them (while driving), and pretty much rape them were it not for the fact that it’s kinda hard to rape a guy who doesn’t have an erection. You can click here to listen to one taxi driver’s war stories.



3 Comments on "VIDEO: Woman Records Herself Falsely Accusing Cop of Rape"

  1. chrisredpillphilosophy | August 19, 2015 at 6:08 am | Reply

    Hey, what do you guys think about this video? The girl is clearly out of her mind….

  2. Spoiled little girl. Finally didn’t get to smile and wink at the man and didn’t get her way. I’m not usually a fan of the police, but this man was terrific. The patience of a Saint!

    • chrisredpillphilosophy | August 19, 2015 at 11:37 pm | Reply

      I agree. I’m the first to be anti-cop, but this officer showed great patience with a delusional girl.

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