VIDEO: Female Comedian Bashes Feminism: “I Hate Feminists Cuz Now I Have To Work!”

Female comedian Mon Rok obliterates society’s politically correct mandate of “strong independent women” in this controversial, yet funny, stand up bit.

“I hate independent women. I do, I hate feminists—cuz I have to work!” Mon’s words rang out to a somewhat unresponsive crowd who likely to offense to her candid preferences.

“No, at this point in my life, I’m almost 30, I just want a man to pay for my shit and let me stay home, I do!”

The hesitant crowd slowly starts to crack with some laughter, until finally bursting with this line, “I don’t need to vote! Fuck it, right? I’m Indian I’ll take a beating every once in a while!”


Although Mon Rok is obviously a stand up comedian and, thus, it’s not always clear where the line between reality and humor is, there’s not denying many women throughout the world share her sentiments.

As reported here on Red Pill Philosophy yesterday, prominent actress from the hit 90’s sitcom “Full House” Candace Bure admitted in her latest book “Balancing It All: My Struggle of Juggling Priorities and Purpose” that she prefers to be a “submissive housewife” for her husband:

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After decades of feminist brainwash (most of which was arguably fed to the disempowered masses as a way to handicap their localized potential for growth and happiness in life), many women are slowly starting to awaken into connection with their natural, inborn femininity, which naturally and healthily seeks to find a mutually-beneficial relationship with a man of her choosing so she can serve him to each other’s benefit.

Watch Mon Rok’s full stand up bit here:



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