VIDEO: Black Guy Hilariously Destroys Every Feminist Hypocrisy

“Feminism is just handicap for ugly bitches.” Okay, maybe not the most eloquent rebuttal, but certainly hilarious.

A black guy by the name of Tommy Sotomayor just released a 15-minute masterpiece humorously obliterating nearly every single blatantly obvious feminist hypocrisy that men have silently resented for decades. (scroll down for video)

“Sit back and relax and let me tell you about feminism,” says Tommy in a mocking stereotypical black woman accent, which I’m still not sure why he chose to use, “Number 1: feminism has been one of the main things that has destroyed the black community!”


Here, he’s referring to the theory that when black women started becoming feminists, they also started believing they didn’t need a man, and thus would often settle for raising their kids without a father (70+% of black kids born out of wedlock).

“See feminism loved the idea of still benefiting from this idea of chivalry”, he continues, “And I tell women all the time, they say, ‘I don’t know what happened to chivalry’, I say, ‘Bitch I know what happened to it: feminism—it killed it!”


Tommy even went after feminism’s aversion to false rape allegations, “Feminism says if you ask a quote unquote ‘rape victim’ to give you some proof that they was raped, guess what you doing? You being a misogynist!”

Here’s the full video, enjoy:



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