Torture By Proxy: Disturbing New Undercover Video Exposes What Your McDonald’s Purchases Pay For

A disturbing undercover video exposes how your seemingly innocent #1 with cheese and a large Coke is actually funding some of the most horrifying abuses/exploitation of living beings on the planet. (scroll down for video)

The investigative piece shows how one of McDonald’s Chicken McNugget suppliers engages in obscene cruelty to animals, with birds being beaten, stuffed in tiny confines, stabbed to death with nails, and one chicken even having its neck broken by stepping on the head while pulling on the body until you hear a *snap!*

Here’s the truth: when you pull up to a drive-thru and order your favorite meal, you might as well be hiring a hitman. Oooh, did that offend you? Are you offended that I would dare associate eating meat that’s killed by someone else with hiring a hitman? Well, you shouldn’t be, because if I lived in China, where eating dogs is quite normal, and I paid someone to steal your dog, kill it, butcher it, so I could eat it…well, I’m sure you’d be more inclined to say I just paid for a murder.


Ah, you see, logic is not on your side on this matter: as long as you claim to love animals—even if it’s just your cat Whiskers—then you’ve already established that the lives of non-humans matter, and thus your decision to pay someone to kill them so you can eat them is essentially murder-by-proxy—and in the case of this video, it’s murder-and-torture-by-proxy.

Look, I’m not saying you’re a bad person, because dogs and cats eat meat too. Hell, even the chickens in these videos will mercilessly poke worms out of the dirt with their beaks and gobble them up. I’m not making an emotional, or self-righteous argument for eliminating animal products from your diet: I’m making a RATIONAL one.

Radical vegans condemn humans for eating meat, yet overlook when their favorite animals do it. They’re full of shit.

The truth is, far too many of us only eat meat because we don’t have to expose ourselves to the reality of what we’re doing. When we order the #1 with cheese, we don’t think of the living breathing animals, or the quick and painless (hopefully) killing of it, or the butchering process that involves draining gallons of blood, removing internal organs, etc.—we just think of the tasty little chicken sandwich that looks so pretty all dressed up in breading and topped with fritzy little shreds of bright green lettuce.


The systematized, automated meat industry has polished away the unsightly smudges of reality from our food choices, shielding us from the blood, guts, and ended lives—all so we can sleep at night with the fact that we are all murderers-by-proxy—paying hitmen to do our bidding for us. And if that offends you, then please comment below with your home address so I can kill your pet (dog or cat) and ship it to China for next year’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival.



17 Comments on "Torture By Proxy: Disturbing New Undercover Video Exposes What Your McDonald’s Purchases Pay For"

  1. 1 thing you never talk about that i think you should talk about is the difference between buying meat from a factory farm animal and buying meat from a fish that was caught from the ocean. both animals get killed painfully, but the factory animal spent a life of misery on a factory farm but the fish spent a life presumably of enjoyment in the ocean

    • there’s certainly a difference. It would be ideal to eliminate all consumption of sentient life that requires suffering/involuntary sacrifice.

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