Mother Murders Her 3 Sons, Spares Daughter—And The Reason Why Will Shock You Even More

In a shocking display of petty self-centeredness, an Ohio woman confessed to suffocating-to-death three of her own sons, while sparing her daughter—and the reason why may shock you even more.

On Wednesday, authorities in Bellefontaine, Ohio, told reporters, “She has confessed to placing a blanket over the faces of three of her children and holding them either face down or face up until they expired.”

And what could possibly be the motive? What could possibly motivate a mother to deliberately, premeditatively smother her own offspring to death—with the exclusion of her daughter?

Prosecutor William Goslee reveals, “No one could predict the behavior of this mother, a 23-year-old mother who is apparently killing her children in order to preserve the smaller family with her and her daughter and the father of the children.”

2Goslee elaborates, “She did say…she was jealous of the favoritism the father showed the little boys.”

Did Mrs. Brittany Pilkington murder her three sons because she was jealous that the father, allegedly, liked the boys more than the girl? This is what police and prosecutors have concluded thus far.

But beneath the obvious tragedy of this story is a more subtle, overlooked, and systemic tragedy: the U.S. legal system’s preferential treatment to women in custody battles. And would it surprise you that, just a week before killing her son, Brittany won custody of her kids?


But let’s rewind for a moment: the mother’s first murder occurred last summer (2014) when she suffocated her son. At the time, the coroner could find no clear cause of death, and Brittany was cleared of any wrongdoing. Nearly a year later, in April 2015, the second son was found dead, and once again, the police, prosecutors, and courts completely overlooked the mother as a potential cause. Even at the family court, it was suggested that the deaths were caused by some genetic disorder.

Finally, in August of 2015, Brittany won custody of her remaining son and daughter. Less than a week after this, she rid the world of all her male children by murdering the 3-month-old baby, Noah.

I suppose it’s under the social idea that women are the “gentler gender”, or that because women are the incubators of human life through pregnancy, that they must be somehow more fit to care for children than a father is. But far too enough, even in cases of blatant murder like this one, mothers are treated as default victims of circumstances beyond their control, often placing blame on an “abusive” husband, or prescription drugs, as the cause of the crime.

Inherent in this interpretation is the idea that men are adults who should be held responsible for their actions, but women are like children who should be given a pass.

It is certainly ironic—in a post-feminist age where mainstream culture claims women should be equal to men—that women are so often exempt from personal responsibility under the presumption that they are not equal to men.

Even in cases of infidelity, the feminist media/”experts” attempt to deflect responsibility from the woman and place it on the man. That’s right: did your wife cheat on you? Well, don’t blame her—blame yourself for not meeting her every need!

Fuck, even in cases of female pedophilia (adult women molesting boys), the feminist media has tried to blame men. One article from ABC News titled “Female Offenders Driven By More Than Sex”, includes this quote from Hollida Wakefiled, an “expert” on treating sex offenders:

“There are some cases where some people are in bad relationships or marriages and are just really lonely, and they find themselves in a relationship with these children. It isn’t so much that women are sexually aroused.”

In other words, female pedophiles aren’t just horny whores with a thirst for young virgin cock—instead, they’re just “really lonely” because of a “bad relationship” with a man who doesn’t find enough ways to keep her entertained!

Again, notice the feminist theme: “women are children, women cannot be held responsible for their actions, it’s men’s fault.” This is essentially what patriarchy theory teaches: as long as women live under the patriarchal oppression of men, then holding women responsible for their actions amounts to victim-blaming.

I guess holding the mother responsible for her actions is just “victim-blaming” then, huh? Ironically, the prosecutor in the case, William Goslee, said, “When [Brittany was] asked what should happen to parents who kill their children, she said they should be given a second chance and go to counseling.”



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  1. This is one of the reason why it’s high time artificial womb gets developed so that men can have children, without the help of these blood sucking harpies. Women have actually become a potential threat to our children, owing to the fact how our law and order, our society excuses their crimes, gives mild punishment to them, and our societies refusal to acknowledge the fact such female criminals do exist and are much common.

    As long as our gynocentric society give a free pussy to such worthless female scums, our children will remain vulnerable to them, ( i.e the women ). And I won’t be surprised if the next generation grow up to be misogynistic.

    • chrisredpillphilosophy | August 20, 2015 at 5:01 pm | Reply

      I’m glad there’s a growing anti-feminist movement, that even includes women, who are rejecting the brainwashing of the past 50 or so years.

  2. Jacobo Tacher | August 20, 2015 at 7:22 pm | Reply

    It is URGENT to demand the congress and the whole legal system to review the criteria and the laws and take off permanently all the differences between man and woman in the justice name.

    About this case in particular it is my believe that Brittany should get death penalty or life in prison!

  3. @minto: I am not one of those dreadful feminist types, but minto you sound like a chauvinistic woman-hating jerk with that sexist comment of yours: “Women have actually become a potential threat to our children,”. With sexist people like you around, no wonder the whole supreme feminist movement is growing….

    • First of all, instead of cherry picking my comments, read it in the context of what I’ve truly said. I’m really sensitive when it comes to children. It goes to show the apathy you have for children. You would rather prefer children being the silent victims of women criminals, than trying to actually change the public narrative that “women are less likely to commit violent crimes than men towards children, and those who do are actually suffering from mental disorder, ergo they need lesser sentences”. It’s cowards like you that women criminals are less likely to receive the same punishment as men, and children including men and other women keep on being a victim of women criminals. As long as there are spineless sods like you, we’d never receive any fair justice for those victims of female criminals. And I don’t think our system would one day treat female criminals as same as male ones. Until that happens, we really need to find a solution that would minimize the risk of a child being a victim of a female criminal. And what could be more of a better solution than developing artificial womb and keeping children away from women. If I were a father with a child, I won’t trust any woman to care of him. Because unlike men, when they commit grevious crimes against, are given severe punishment, women only receive a slap on the wrist. It’s really pathetic that you took an offense at my remark of “women are a potential threat to children”, whereas you showed little to no outrage against countless of children become victims of women criminals, using them as pawns and object for acheiving their needs solely driven by their sheer narcissism. And it’s even more pathetic that the similar outrage is not displayed, when men are actually seen as a potential threat in real life, whenever they are seen near children. Mothers won’t trust any man who tries to be friendly with children, so why the fuck should I trust women with children, when we see real life examples of women abusing children, yet such cases are put under a rug, while the society is being deluded to believe that it’s men who are potential pedophiles and child abusers ?

      And please, don’t pull your “I’m not a feminist but I disagree with you” card. Because most of the people who have disagreed with me and simultaneously claim that they aren’t feminists, actually turn out to be one. I won’t be surprised if you’re an actual feminist. I won’t be surprised either if you’re a woman, because most women have this God given ability to completely be even apathetic towards children. Like someone being accused of Islamophobia, for simply criticising Islam, I’m being accused of muhsoggyknee, simply because I’ve made a negative statemeng about women, whereas such statement are actually followed in real life in case of men. And since there’s no way to convince a feministic minded individual, that I’m not a sexist, I would let you into deluding yourself to believe that I’m a misogynist. If it is misogynistic to stand up for children who are the silent victims of female criminals, who our gynocentric society would try it’s best to ignore it, while we have numbskulls like you accusing me of sexism, then yes, I’d happily wear that misogyny badge that you’ve given to me.

      P.S. You really should be ashamed. Really

    • And no, it’s not because of me that feminism is rising. It’s people like you and your political correctness BS are the reason why feminism is still in power. Accusing someone with misogyny is akin to accusing a man of being a rapist. Nobody likes being called a misogynist, especially when our society have people like you. Especially men, most of the men are too afraid of making a simple critical statement about women, for the fear that they might lose the approval of women, thus losing the sexual privilege they get from women. If only men were united and be bold whenever they criticise female behavior and feminism, then I bet feminism and gynocentrism would end in a day. But nope, we have cunts like you, cherrypicking other men’s comments and mislabelling them as sexist. Actually, I’m not one of those men who’d actually fall for female shaming tactics, who’d easily get terrified when someone accuse of me misogyny. And this is because, unlike most men, I’m not afraid of making critical statement about women’s behavior and feminism. And do you know why ? Because I don’t put my worth based on what women say about me. If I say something that offends all ths female on this earth, I really don’t care. I don’t survive on the approval of a woman, and damn sure I can easily live without a single woman being involved in my life. Because I value truth and justice over pussy.

      And believe me, if women were actually given fair and equal punishment for the same crimes that men commit, then I won’t have made that blatant statement you’re complaining about.

  4. Balal’s mother hugged the grieving mother of the man her son had killed. The two women sobbed in each other’s arms – one because she had lost her son, the other because hers had been saved.

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