How to Make Stupid Race-Baiting Liberals Feel Like Guilty Racists

Liberals are all about feelings.  Facts and logic may point to objective truths about reality, but for a bleeding heart, nothing takes greater precedent than those subjective feelings brewing in the chest.

If you’ve ever debated an SJW, liberal, or #BlackLivesMatter moron (they come in many forms), then you’ve probably experienced their direct or indirect attempts to shame you from telling the truth by using guilt and accusations of racism.

So it’s always a fun time when I get to flip-the-script on them and give’em a bitter taste of their own medicine.

The other day on Twitter, I posted this image mocking the irony of Hispanic Univision reporter Jorge Ramos who obnoxiously “skipped the line” of journalists at a press conference by interrupting a Donald Trump event:1

Of course, it wasn’t long before a liberal showed up in an attempt to refute my tweet:


And a few more exchanges:


At this point, it was apparent to me that this moron was uninterested in facts and simply trying to deflect/distract from his own idiocy by hyperfocusing on semantic grammar rules. Pointing out people’s supposed grammatical or punctuation errors is the oldest Trolling trick in the book, usually the last desperate attempts of someone losing the argument. Though, technically, his claim that my use of the term “illegal” was grammatically incorrect is incorrect: I’m using the political slang term “illegal”, and anyone willing to engage in a political debate would know that. Again, distract/deflect from the topic by focusing on grammar.

But here’s where the story get’s interesting, and funny. Upon realizing that he was simply not interested in logic or facts, I decided to play his liberal tricks on him, and my weapon of choice? Race-baiting “guiltism”, or the act of distracting from the truth by making someone feel guilty with accusations of racism:


Lol: as you can see, it’s not hard to make a liberal feel like a guilty racist, and you know those are common tactics they deploy all the time to shame people from telling the truth about race-relations in America (and yes, I am Cuban, by the way).

Now, just be cognizant of the obvious sarcasm in my tweets: I don’t actually believe it was belittling for him to point out (false) grammar mistakes. And I don’t actually believe there’s any excuse for why Cubans—or any minorities, for that matter—may or may not have educational disadvantages, or whatever. This was all just covert sarcasm masquerading as the same kind of overly-sensitive pseudo-victimhood race-baiting guiltism that liberals have perfected over many years of linguistic warfare.

Eventually, he responded back, and I continued to play the race-baiting card with perfect sarcasm that automatically depicts him as the “insensitive racist”:


And eventually, I started driving him crazy, making the “liberal” freak out over being called the “racist” for once in his life:


Unsurprisingly, a few minutes after my last tweet, he found a completely separate tweet I posted about political correctness, and of course he had a problem with it:




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