The #BlackLivesMatter Movement Is a Mental Illness

In response to the recent string of high-profile murders committed in the name of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, heads of the American Psychiatry Organization (APO) released a statement confirming the existence of a new, pernicious mental disorder plaguing the minds of people across the nation.

“Given the recent Dallas shooting that left 5 officers dead, as well as the WDBJ murders committed last year,” reads the APO press release, “we have concluded that the shooters in each case likely suffered from ‘BlackLivesMatter Disorder’—a variant of paranoid-schizophrenia marked by an obsessive-compulsive belief in an obscure ‘force’ that patients refer to as ‘white supremacy’, or alternatively, ‘white privilege'”.

Press Conference 1

Press Conference: Members of the American Psychiatry Organization

According to the statement, symptoms of “BlackLivesMatter Disorder” include:

  • Believing that facts are inherently “racist”
  • A peculiar aversion to statistics and logic
  • An irrational belief in a non-existent force called “white supremacy”
  • Seeing “racism” where absolutely none exists
  • And, in extreme cases, going on brutal murderous rampages on live TV

In regards to the WDBJ shooting from 2015, the APO statement elaborated, “New evidence based on accounts from multiple workers at WDBJ suggest that the shooter was irrationally convinced that racism lurked around every corner, even accusing coworkers of racial discrimination with absolutely no evidence.”

According to Trevor Fair, a cameraman at WDBJ for 6 years, Bryce would accuse the staff of racism for the most irrelevant things, “We would say stuff like, ‘the reporter’s out in the field’. And he would look at us and say, ‘What are you saying, cotton fields? That’s racist.'”


On a separate occasion, a manager brought watermelon for all the employees, and according to Trevor, “He was like, ‘you’re doing that because of me…you guys are calling me out because I’m black'”.

This kind of delusional belief that racism exists around every corner is the essence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which has been instrumental in perpetuating myths about an obscure force they call “white supremacy”, which they claim is responsible for the deaths of numerous “innocent” blacks in recent high-profile cases involving Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Alton Sterling, among others.

The more extreme cases of BlackLivesMatter Disorder include a paranoid-schizophrenic belief in something called “white privilege”. Patients often cite the most obscure, dubious “clues” as evidence of their theory, suspending logic and critical thinking to push the narrative that an elite group of white people are plotting to destroy blacks.

This delusional paranoia was no better exemplified than in the aftermath of the tragic Dylann Roof shooting, where patients of #BLMdisorder shared memes on social media which they claimed proved the existence of “white privilege”:


Of course, it was later revealed that the above image was an optical illusion, and the supposed “free, uncuffed hand” of Dylan Roof was just the arm of the officer standing right behind him:


Here is another popular meme shared by patients as proof of “white privilege”:


Sadly, the severity of BlackLivesMatter Disorder prevented patients from using simple logic or research to find countless other examples throughout history of black suspected murderers being escorted in bulletproof vests:

And this is only scratching the surface of real-world examples of #BlackLivesMatter disorder. In September 2015, patients with BLMdisorder at the University of Delaware thought they’d witnessed a hate crime after finding ropes dangling from a tree like nooses:
However, it was later revealed that the “nooses” were just strings used for tree lanterns at a recent college party:

In April of 2016, at Indiana Bloomington University, a priest in a robe was mistaken for a KKK member, whipping the entire campus up into a collective episode of BLMdisorder. One patient with blacklivesmatter disorder posted this urgent tweet:

The American Psychiatry Organization’s press release specifically stressed the unsettling organizational capacities of patients, who for years now have gathered under the #BlackLivesMatter movement. But the APO warns, “do not be fooled by the apparent organizational powers of patients with #BLMdisorder: although they masquerade as a political and social justice movement, they are essentially nothing more than a congregation of mentally ill people feeding into each other’s paranoid-schizophrenic delusions.”

The remaining staff at WDBJ are completely baffled by the shooter’s accusations of workplace racism. WDBJ General Manager Jeff Marks said, “[Bryce] quickly gathered a reputation of someone who was difficult to work with. He was sort of looking out for people to say things he could take offense to.” Marks went on to say that he believes the claims of racial discrimination were “fabricated”.

In other words, the shooter was imagining racism where none existed.

Bryce’s paranoid suspicions of racism are eerily matched with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, suggesting a disturbing link between the two. It is not a stretch to say that the shooter was directly influenced by #BlackLivesMatter, and in his “manifesto”, he cited growing racial hostilities in America as a primary contributor to the murders. Undeniably, this is the same racial hostility/paranoia perpetuated by #BlackLivesMatter, and even the de facto leader of the movement Deray McKesson began peddling “white privilege” paranoia within just a few hours of the shooting with this tweet:


Of course, as is common with BlackLivesMatter Disorder, patients will make sweeping generalizations on the basis of little to no evidence in order to further confirm in their minds the belief in “white supremacy”. Upon realizing that the shooter was actually a black man, Deray deleted his tweet. It is still unconfirmed whether Deray has been diagnosed with#BLMdisorder, or if he is just pretending to be ill in order to profit off the sickness of his followers.

The American Psychiatry Organization concluded their press release with the following advice for the public, “victims of this mental condition are just as delusional as they are violent, often tearing down entire cities on the basis of their irrational, paranoid assumptions regarding the so-called ‘white supremacy’. We’ve already begun treating some patients with small doses of logic and facts, yet they appear to be completely ineffective. We also want to warn the public that BlackLivesMatter Disorder is also contagious, though people who are committed to truth and reason seem to be immune.”

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