Anita Sarkeesian’s Latest Video Says It’s Sexist For Men To Like Women’s Bodies

Feminists are either mentally retarded, psychologically damaged, or just deliberately trying to deceive people—though in the case of Anita Sarkeesian, it’s probably the latter.

In the latest installment of her “Tropes Vs Women In Videos Games” series—an intellectually-stunted attempt to demonize games for depicting women as…well, women—Anita “exposes” the “evils” of how these games have objectified the female gender for decades. (scroll down for video)

Titled “Women As Reward” (lol), the disgustingly-deceptive feminist begins by examining how the beloved Metroid franchise used the female body as a reward for winning the game.


She says:

“If the player is able to complete [Metroid] in under 5 hours, a short cut-scene will play featuring the protagonist without their armored helmet, revealing that Samus Aran is, in fact, a woman. Sadly, the alternate ending did not stop there. The 2 best endings made Metroid one of the first games to exploit the women as reward trope, as both reveal Samus in various states of undress. The better a player does, the more clothing is removed. If the player completes the game in under 3 hours, Samus is shown without her armor and in a leotard. If the player finishes in under 1 hour, they’re treated to Samus in a bikini. So yes, Samus wasn’t a damseled woman waiting at the end of the game as a trophy, rather her body itself became the prize awarded to players for a job well done.”


In other words, Anita is saying that symptomatic themes of patriarchal oppression found their way into the Metroid franchise in the form of alternate endings that reward players with images of the heroine in various stages of undress.

Wow, big fuckin’ deal: apparently, men’s inborn, natural desire for women—including their bodies—is just another form of oppressive objectification. Really?

The truth is: the only women complaining about objectification are those who don’t benefit from it (i.e. your typical fat and/or ugly feminist).


Objectification is the whole entire reason women like Kim Kardashian is famous and worth millions of dollars. She literally owes the majority of her wealth to the fact that millions of men around the world find her physically attractive—or, as Anita would describe it: “objectifying her”.


Gee, I don’t know, it seems objectifying women benefits them massively: men worship you, drool at photos of you, and will literally prop you up with attention and direct/indirect funding, pampering women like Kim Kardashian with more wealth than they can spend in a lifetime.

Again, there is nothing inherent in Metroid using a half-naked female character as a reward for beating the game that demeans, undermines, or oppresses women.

Metroid was released back in 1986, when gaming was mostly a male-dominated form of entertainment—just like Barbie dolls were a female-dominated form of entertainment. Thus, it’s natural for a game catered to men to create incentives that appeal to them.

Here’s a question for you, Anita: is it matriarchal oppression that young girls had the option to own a handsome Ken doll along with their Barbies? The buff, well-dressed male counterpart clearly gave girls satisfaction as they acted out traditional housewife roles in their plastic dollhouses.

The fact that Metroid, back in nineteen-eighty-fuckin-six catered to men’s natural attraction for women doesn’t make it any more oppressive to women than young girls having the option to play with an unrealistically hot male doll (which, by the way, included the option to undress him—and you don’t even have to beat a game in under 3 hours! At least the boys playing Metroid had to work for the half-naked girl!).

Of course, the irony is not lost given the recent SlutWalk phenomenon. A video game rewarding players with half-naked animated girls is “patriarchal oppression”, meanwhile, feminists objectify themselves at SlutWalks dressing like the sloriest of slores…

Watch Anita’s video here:



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